Smack Of All Trades

A friendly PvE EVE corporation - Your new home in New Eden

What We Can Offer You

While industry and mining is what we focus on, as the name states, we get into all kinds of content.

Mining fleets

We often go mine materials together, with both boost and ore compression available in fleets.

Based in High Sec

The corp is based in High Sec systems, but if you like wormholes, we have players and friends doing that too.

Real life comes first

No mandatory operations or events, RL comes first.

Newbro and returning players

We accept both new, returning and existing players in the corp. Together we are strong!

What we expect from you

Be friendly

Are friendly, sociable and tolerant


 Happy for team work and ready to contribute


Engage in corp chats / voice for ops

Have fun

We are a space family. Help each other, and have fun!


(The best ship in EVE)

Join the corporation, and make both ISK and new friends

Member Testimonials

"This is the best corp I've ever been with! People are so friendly and helpful. Just plain fun, and no BS. There is almost someone online all the time, and people are social on Discord too. I recommend Smack for both new and old players ;)"
"Great guys, chill, relaxed, friendly and probably as messed up as i am 😄 Epic wtf conversation topics that leaves no mystery unexplored. Just join us, its fiiiine 😉"
"SMACK are family away from family. They are also my enablers,. When I want to throw snowballs at Triglavian ships at 1am they are there to support me, when i want to go off on a half cocked plan they are there to cheer me on. Eve online would not be half the game it is without these guys. 10/10 would go on drunken escapades again"
Daniel von-lesbod

Come fly with us!

Do you find us interesting?

Then go to our Discord server, and have a chat with our recruiters.