December 1, 2021





The industrial forces which form New Eden’s markets, trade routes, and manufacturing structures are far more than meets the eye. Nearly every ship, module, and station available is a product of a series of events from the mining of ore to the reprocessing into minerals, through to construction as a usable product to be sold. For every component of this journey, there are buyers, sellers, and those willing to make some cash by spinning the market in their favor.

If this sounds like your blueprint to success then this page will show you everything you need to know to carve your niche in the industry business.

Ships in New Eden explode all the time. Any battle over a structure or strategic objective might see hundreds of ships and thousands of modules pulverized to scraps on the battlefield. Someone needs to build them anew, right? Becoming an Industrialist in EVE Online is to become a part of this production chain at any level, using your knowledge to turn a profit and create the building blocks of the universe.



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Many of the raw materials needed to build anything in New Eden can be found inside the asteroid belts and ore sites in almost any system. As you explore the universe you will also come across gas clouds, ice belts, moons, and even the salvage of wrecked ships which can all be harvested for their resources. Over time you will begin to find ways of harvesting and collecting vast amounts of materials to use in a wide variety of industrial processes. Starting out is simple, though, and you can begin to gather New Eden’s building blocks from day one. To begin harvesting resources from an asteroid belt, for example, only a Mining Laser and suitable mining ship such as a Venture from the ORE ship tree are required. These raw ores can then be sold on the market or reprocessed in a station to create the minerals used to build ships and modules. Of course, what you do with your stockpiles of resources is up to you.


Don’t know what to do next? Why not try one of these activities and see what you find along the way:


  • Fit a Venture with Mining Lasers and Mining Laser Upgrades
  • Salvage wrecks that you come across
  • Mine a cargo hold full of ore
  • Create a blueprint copy from an original
  • Reprocess the spare loot that you find
  • Build the ammo you need to complete a mission


Accessing the market to buy or sell items is very simple. The regional market can be opened straight from your Neocom where sell orders are displayed above buy orders alongside graphs of price history, quantity, and trading volume per day. Sell orders are other Capsuleers offering to sell their items for ISK and buy orders serve as the opposite – pilots putting down ISK in advance if you have the right item to sell to them. Most trading activity takes place in and around the market hub known as Jita 4-4, though other, smaller trade hubs do exist in popular PvE or PvP locations. If you’re savvy enough to spot a deal then it’s very possible to turn a profit by hauling goods or simply buying low and selling high.WATCH VIDEO


Blueprints come in two variants, originals and their copies. Many of the Tech 1 (basic technology) blueprint originals can be purchased on the market from NPC sell orders depending on the region you are in. The blueprint window will then show you the materials required and the time that it will take to create that specific item. You can start this process by placing the blueprint into the Industry window and selecting one of several jobs: manufacturing will create the item if you have the materials, copying will produce a limited copy for invention or production elsewhere, and research will either reduce the manufacturing time (Time Efficiency) or lower the amount of materials required (Material Efficiency). These science and manufacturing jobs will, however, take up build slots, limiting the number of jobs that a Capsuleer can have running at once. WATCH VIDEO


Invention is a science-based industry process that uses Tech 1 blueprint copies (BPCs) and Datacores to attempt to produce a limited T2 blueprint copy based on the original. For example, the Minmatar Breacher-class frigate BPC has a chance to invent into a Hound stealth bomber BPC. Your chance to succeed may be relatively low but can be improved by training the relevant skills seen in the Industry window or by using an optional Decryptor. Should you succeed, it is possible to take the T2 BPC and produce modules or ships that are worth much more than their T1 equivalents. WATCH VIDEO


Requires Omega subscription

Planetary Industry is an activity where you map out the surface of planets and deploy industrial facilities on resource hot spots to gather and process unique goods. At a basic level, this is done by first scanning the planet from the Planetary Industry view, then placing a suitable Command Center down if the planet’s resources look suitable. Extractor Control Units may then be placed within range of the resource-rich areas to harvest from the planet on their own. From here it is up to you where you direct those newly-mined materials. They can be processed and stored on the planet’s surface using various facilities and storage silos in a production line of sorts. After some amount of time, dependent on your setup, these resources may be collected in space from a Customs Office. WATCH VIDEO


Trading on the open market can be a career in its own right, buying and selling large quantities of items at a time. Training skills to reduce taxes and completing missions for the NPC corporation which owns the station will work to improve your profit margins. It’s entirely possible for pilots to make a living from trading activities alone. A resourceful Capsuleer may then also make easy money by researching common purchases in far-away regions and using hauling vessels to relocate items there at an increased price. The economy of New Eden very much reflects the real world wherein knowledge of the market and smart investments are the best way to make a profit. WATCH VIDEO


  • Mining Frigate – Allows the use of mining frigates such as the Venture.
  • Mining Barge – The cruiser-sized upgrade to a mining frigate.
  • Mining – A basic skill that increases mining yield.
  • Racial Industrial – Training an industrial ship will allow you to haul large amounts of goods.
  • Industry – Allows the operation of manufacturing facilities and speeds up production.
  • Reprocessing – Increases the quantity of minerals gained when reprocessing ores.
  • Science – Basic skill, improves the speed of blueprint copying.


  • Astrogeology – Improves Mining Turret yield.
  • Laboratory Operation – Increases the number of research jobs that can be run at once.
  • Mass Production – Increases the number of factory jobs that can be run at once.
  • Trade – Increases the amount of buy and sell orders you can place.
  • Research – Improves the speed of researching blueprint Time Efficiency.
  • Metallurgy – Improves the speed of researching blueprint Material Efficiency.
  • Broker Relations & Accounting – Two skills that reduce taxes when selling goods.


If you’re hungry for more then these videos and resources should fill in any gaps.